Technical appraisals and services

We hold globally recognised test and calibration laboratory accreditation. Our comprehensive
testing of materials, semi-finished and finished products according to international standards
(EN, ISO, ASTM, ASME Code, etc.) includes consulting services and cooperation with renowned
recipient companies from around the world.

Types of tests performed:

  • Physical and chemical tests
  • Metallography investigations
  • Tests of mechanical properties
  • Non-destructive tests
  • HIC and SSC corrosion tests
  • DWTT tests

Calibration of measuring devices
and instruments:

  • Measuring devices of:
    length, plane angle, temperature,
    pressure, electricity quantities,
    moment of force
  • Servicing of scales
  • Repair and installation of designated
    mass measuring devices
  • Rental of mass standards (etalons)




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