Steel cylinders

In the production of high-pressure seamless steel cylinders, VÍTKOVICE is globally the most experienced
manufacturer with a completely unique, more than century long tradition of this product.
Steel cylinders are manufactured in three of the holding´s companies, namely in the Czech Republic,
Poland and Argentina. Since 1906, our companies have produced and delivered to its clients
more than 22 million pieces of cylinders. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of high-pressure steel cylinders
and pressure vessels made using the unique method of backward extrusion from a block of steel,
or from seamless steel tubes. These products have many applications:
from low-capacity cylinders for breathing apparatus to high-capacity pressure cylinders
used in trailers and containers for virtual gas pipelines. Our market advantage is our long experience
and ability to design a custom-made product for clients to meet their requirements.

Our range of seamless steel cylinders includes the following types:

Seamless steel cylinders for technical gases, used mainly in the manufacturing industry
Seamless steel cylinders for medical gases and medical technologies
Seamless steel cylinders for CNG, for both the automotive industry and virtual gas pipelines
Seamless steel cylinders for fire extinguishing technologies, especially for fire extinguishing systems
Seamless steel cylinders for scuba diving and breathing apparatuses
Seamless steel cylinders for food and beverage technologies
Accumulator shells and pressure vessels



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