The VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP inherently belongs to the Moravian-Silesian Region and its
regional city of Ostrava. The Group‘s activities in the context of social responsibility reflect its core
values, which are education, creativity, innovation, tradition and pride in the Moravian-Silesian region
and its inhabitants.

Key project:

The New Vítkovice project includes the revitalisation of so-called Lower Vítkovice – an industrial
complex with lively growing industrial facilities on the one hand, and on the other with a national
cultural monument, „Hlubina Mine, Coke Plant and Blast Furnaces of Vítkovice,“ which has been on
the European Cultural Heritage list since 2008. The aim of the project is not only to preserve the
industrial heritage, but also to give the area a new, modern and useful content – above all in the form
of activities supporting the development of technical education. New Vítkovice, however, includes
not only the site of Lower Vitkovice. It offers an opportunity for the transformation of a large area of
Ostrava along the Ostravice river.

In the framework of its CSR activities, the VÍTKOVICE MACHINERY GROUP:

Invests in smart projects that support education, such as awarding merit scholarships at the
company’s school, VÍTKOVICKÁ STŘEDNÍ PRŮMYSLOVÁ ŠKOLA, or initiation of the Small
World of Technology and Science and Technology Center, which helps to increase children‘s
interest in technical fields

Invests in the development of creativity and art by means of projects such as the creative
SMALT ART workshop or sponsoring Biennial Vestiges of Industry, which reveals the links
between art and industry

Invests in innovations through the implementation of modern technologies, research and
development cooperation as well as by enhancing employee skills

Invests in the development and implementation of environmentally-friendly technologies
for example, in the development of CNG technologies (using compressed natural gas) used by
the whole company vehicle fleet

Invests in the development of the Moravian-Silesian region not only through job creation,
but also by supporting activities important for the local community – be they sports
activities (support for HC Vítkovice, FC Baník, Zlatá tretra athletics meeting) or social events
(sponsoring festivals like Colours of Ostrava, Janáčkův máj, organizing Open Doors Day)

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