Petrochemicals industry

We render comprehensive services in the area of deliveries of chemical facilities, including
equipment for the storage of liquids and gases. Deliveries to petroleum processing plants
include columns, reactors, absorbers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

The equipment is supplied from a concept design through basic design to manufacturing
documentation. The most frequently used production standards are harmonised European
standards and the ASME Code. Equipment delivery is completed by assembly and

Our own production base and many years of experience in the field of special steel material
research also allow us to supply tanks for the storage of ammoniac, chorine, nitrogen,
ethylene and other dangerous liquids and gases.

For the storage of liquids and gases we supply pressure as well as non-pressure reservoirs:
spherical pressure reservoirs with a capacity of up to 6,000 m3, soil-covered cylindrical reservoirs with
a capacity of up to 2,200 m3, simple upright cylindrical reservoirs of all capacities and sizes,
high-capacity reservoirs for storing crude oil with a catchment pit and floating roof of up to 15,000m3
capacity, including a fire protection system, measurement and control system, etc.



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