Modernisation of technology lines

This line of production includes deliveries of engineering, metallurgy and processing
technologies intended for the modernisation and reconstruction of industrial enterprises.
It involves a wide range of activities, including design and detailing works, actual manufacture,
delivery and installation, including author and engineering supervision. We offer our clients
studies, technical solutions, design and production documentation, consultancy and advisory
services, including professional assessment, mainly concerning technical gases, media
distribution, heat exchangers, etc.

We specialise mainly in the following areas:

Engineering deliveries for rolling mills, steelworks and the processing industry
Reconstructions and modernisations of forming equipment
Industrial furnaces (design, deliveries and servicing)
Design and development of special machinery and equipment
Energy generation burner systems, crushers and recuperators
Modernisation of equipment for reverse cold rolling of strips
Modernisation of strip processing (annealing, staining and cutting) machinery



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