Metallurgy is the cornerstone of the closed production cycle at VÍTKOVICE.
Our own technically advanced steelworks (based on an EAF – LF – VD/VOD process line)
enable the group of companies to make products of top quality in an enormous scale of steel grades.
Our company is equipped with a 120MN press with state–of-the-art 160t manipulator.
We further have 60MN and 16MN presses, incl. quality heat treatment processes.
Completing the list of our presses is our separate, 3rd millennium forging technology
for the hydraulic radial forging process (for bars and seamless tubes up to 500 mm in diameter).

In the metallurgy area, we specialise mainly in deliveries of:

Forged bars and blocks
Shaped forgings
Railways tyres

Castings for:

Cement industry (load-bearing rings, pulleys, pulley casings, mill train fronts)
Hydro power stations (parts for Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines)
Forming machines (racks for rolling mill benches, frames for fast forging machines, etc.)
Metallurgy (slag ladles, casting coquilles, etc.)
Special castings from alloyed, stainless, austenitic and other steels for off-shore applications



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