Material treatment and processing

A traditional domain which includes product application in the energy generation, metallurgy
and manufacturing industries.

Bulk material handling systems, dumping machines, crushers:

  • Bucket-wheel stacker/reclaimer
  • Bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimer
  • Bridge-type scraper
  • Angle scrapers
  • Homogenising portal stacker
  • Portal bucket loader reclaimer
  • Ship loader
  • Ship stacker
  • Coal mills

Coking plants – equipment for coking batteries and operating machines for pouring and stamping material plants:

  • Charging cars
  • Pushing and levelling machines
  • Pushing, stamping and charging machines
  • Guiding cars
  • Transfer cars or Oven to servicing machines

Blast furnaces:

  • Bell-less charging systems
  • Tuyere stocks
  • Chargers
  • Stoves
  • Gas purifiers
  • Ventilation and safety flaps
  • Blast furnace shells



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