Mass products

The company offers a large variety of products made on productions lines in large volumes in terms
of the number of pieces or tonnes. Technologically, this is a production cycle with flexible options for
setting individual parameters as required by the client. A typical example of this type of product is
mass-produced steel propane-butane cylinders with a wide scope of applications – from households
through and tourism through to industrial use in welding, metal cutting or in refrigeration technologies.
Another example is steel grinding media in a wide range of types for a variety of applications in the
construction industry and in the treatment of ores, coal and other raw materials.

Low-pressure welded steel cylinders:

  • Propane-butane cylinders for households
  • Cylinders for sports and tourism
  • Propane-butane cylinders for industrial use
  • Cylinders for refrigeration technologies
  • A wide range of types from 1.2-litre to 127 litres water capacity

Grinding media:

  • Construction industry
  • Ore mining and treatment
  • Energy industry

Production in three basic hardness ranges:

  • 240 – 360 HB
  • 421 – 596 HV (42 – 55 HRC)
  • 597 – 830 HV (56 – 65 HRC)
  • Diameter from 16 mm to 100 mm
  • Custom-made products according to client specifications



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