CNG programme

Our CNG branch, under the brand name CNGvitall, represents a new direction in the Group’s
portfolio, reflecting the large increase in the number of vehicles and technologies that use
exceptionally efficient and environmentally-friendly compressed natural gas as fuel.

We offer our clients the construction of CNG filling stations for corporate fleets, haulage
contractors as well as the public. We ourselves operate a growing network of filling stations.
We offer mobile filling stations and turnkey deliveries of filling stations.

We convert railway engines, petrol cars and utility vehicles to CNG. We manufacture special
transportation vehicles using CNG as fuel. We make trailers for transporting CNG and offer
gas deliveries to clients. Our offer includes virtual gas pipelines (containers with CNG) to be
used in locations with no gas supply and in conjunction with filling stations.

We transport cargo and people by CNG vehicles. We rent out cars and delivery vans using CNG as fuel.

Main areas of use of CNG:

Technologies of filling stations
Company car fleets
Public Transport Services
Municipal transport companies (taxi, cleaning services)
Railway carriers
Production facility technologies



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